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Will People Judge Me if I Say I’m an Addict?

Will People Judge Me if I Say I'm an Addict?The mind of an addict will think of any possible excuses to avoid the following:

  • Admitting that he or she has a drug problem and can’t quit without help
  • Admitting to others that he or she needs help
  • Accepting the help offered by friends and family
  • Checking into rehab

While some people procrastinate or blame their avoidance of rehab on financial concerns, others fear the response from friends, co-workers, employers, or family. They may fear being labeled an “addict” or may feel like their future identity will be wrapped up in their addiction. You may worry about being judged by someone, but there are two things you should keep in mind:

  • You ARE an addict.
  • A small amount of temporary discomfort is nothing compared to the empowerment of recovery.

Simply stated, if you are allowing your concerns about being judged to keep you from getting clean, your priorities are seriously out of alignment with reality. Your pride will certainly take a much more significant blow if you are to overdose, destroy property, or cause the death or injury of another because you drove under the influence.

Psychological Addiction and Denial

One of the most powerful aspects of addiction is the psychological power it has over the addict. Because drugs and alcohol affect the same part of the brain that manages impulse control, emotional function, memory, and the formation of habits, the brain uses all of these things to keep the supply of drugs coming. Most addicts must overcome some form of underlying or co-occurring emotional disorder in order to recognize and confront their addiction. For many, the temptation to hide their disease, to deny that they have a problem, or to make excuses is too powerful for them to overcome without help.

Overcoming Obstacles to Treatment

The bottom line is that if you cannot stay sober and must regularly be getting drunk or high, you need help. One thing your disease may try to keep you from remembering is the respect and admiration most recovering addicts enjoy. Your friends and family believe in you and are rooting for you to overcome your addiction. Most people also understand the difficulty of getting clean. If you are to be judged, there is a good chance that you will be judged in a positive light for having the personal character and strength to overcome this terrible disease.

24 Hour Addiction Helpline

Whether you are judged by others or not, your primary concern right now should be ending your addiction before it ends you. Our 24 hour helpline is open right now, and our staff members are ready to offer you the following free help:

  • Confidential answers to any questions about getting clean
  • Assistance with insurance confirmation and advocacy
  • Logistical support and travel support if necessary

It might be hard for you to imagine a life free from the grip and shame of addiction. We can help you find that life and the respect and admiration that comes with recovery. Don’t worry for one more minute about whether or not people will judge you. You need help. Call now.

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