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Will My Prescription Drug Abuse Get Me Fired from My Job?

Will My Prescription Drug Abuse Get Me Fired from My Job?Prescription drug abuse is a serious problem, as it will impact all areas of your life. It will affect your physical and psychological health, and it will change your personality. Prescription drug abuse leads to serious professional problems and can result in termination.

Visible Prescription Drug Abuse Effects in the Workplace

Coworkers, employers and employees will be able to observe such signs of prescription drug abuse as the following:

  • Poor personal hygiene. Washing regularly, taking care of your appearance and regularly cleaning and ironing clothes becomes less important than finding and using prescription drugs. Professional workplaces require that their employees come to work looking presentable, and a decrease in personal hygiene and overall appearance will reflect poorly on your ability to do your job.
  • Apathy. Prescription drug users experience uneven energy levels. Employees who used to come to work ready to tackle the day may begin to show signs of apathy or laziness. They may not care about anything outside of the next time they can use drugs.
  • Lack of responsibility. Being responsible and holding yourself accountable for your actions and your job performance are essential elements of any job. Prescription drug abuse or addiction causes your sense of responsibility to wane and your priorities to shift.
  • Erratic behavior. Drug abuse directly affects the brain, and it can cause erratic behavior such as extreme happiness and giddiness or rage and anger. Emotional outbursts are inappropriate for a work environment, as they can be threatening, upsetting and uncomfortable for co-workers.

The physical and emotional changes caused by prescription drug use impact your professional standing and future employment opportunities. Drug use is not tolerated in the workplace, and neither are the behaviors displayed by prescription drug users. If your prescription drug abuse continues, it will affect your professional career and can lead to termination. If you feel like your prescription pill abuse is no longer under your control, reach out for professional help, before serious consequences occur.

Prescription Drug Abuse Help for Employees

Prescription drug abuse has serious and lasting effects. Get help before you lose your job, your insurance coverage and your opportunities for the future. We can help you find the best recovery resources that will work with your schedule and your personal needs. Do not wait to get help; call our 24 hour toll-free helpline now.

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