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Will a Job in the Medical Field Impact My Prescription Drug Problem?

Will a Job in the Medical Field Impact My Prescription Drug Problem?If you have a problem with prescription drug abuse, a job in the medical field may have a negative impact on your addiction or your recovery. If you are currently addicted to a prescription drug, increased access and proximity to prescription drugs could very well encourage addictive behavior such as stealing drugs or falsifying prescriptions either of which could land you in serious legal trouble. If you are in recovery from prescription drug addiction, this same access and proximity could trigger relapse. If you are a prescription drug abuser but are not yet addicted, access and proximity to prescription drugs could encourage increased abuse that may lead to addiction.

Increased Access to Prescription Drugs through Medical Jobs

The medical field is the source from which prescription drugs are introduced into the public realm. As a medical worker you will be around prescription drugs on a regular basis. It is likely that you will sometimes find yourself in a position to acquire prescription drugs through subversive or illegal means. You may find that the doctor you work for has a supply of samples from which you could skim off a few without getting caught. You may discover a way to falsify prescriptions, or you may have access to supplies intended for patients. All of these actions are illegal and can add legal trouble to your existing prescription drug problem.

Diversion of Prescription Drugs to the Black Market

One of the primary means of supplying prescription drugs to the black market for illegal distribution is through diversion of legitimate prescriptions. The vast majority of prescription drugs bought, sold or consumed illegally, drugs that may be responsible for overdose deaths or a host of other problems associated with the illegal drug trade, came from a doctor’s office. Many prescription drugs are diverted by patients, but some are diverted by medical professionals who acquire the drugs and sell them to make a profit. If you are a prescription drug user, it is likely that you have friends who are also prescription drug users. Your social circle that is comfortable with the idea of selling and using illegal drugs. Working in the medical field can provide opportunity and temptation to engage in the illegal distribution of prescription drugs. This practice could land you in a serious legal predicament from which you might never fully recover.

Questions about Prescription Drug Abuse?

If you have any questions about prescription drugs, the connection between addiction and employment and effective and confidential options for addressing prescription drug abuse problems, call us. Our number is toll free, and we are available 24 hours a day.

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