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Why You Should Change Your Thinking on Addiction

Why You Should Change Your Thinking on Addiction

If you think addiction is a choice or a sign of weakness, then you ignore the deeper issues

When people find out that a loved one suffers from addiction, sometimes they react with disappointment, disgust or negativity. You may not be sure how to react when you hear that a loved one has an addiction, but ultimately she suffers from a mental disorder that is not her choice. Addiction is devastating, and, although her choices led to the addiction, deeper issues drove her to substance abuse. Until your loved one addresses the underlying causes of her addiction, she cannot make a full recovery.

How Does Addiction Start?

Each person’s addiction is unique, but addiction does not usually start the first time someone abuses drugs or alcohol. Someone may start out using drugs once every few weeks or only at parties, but substance abuse becomes a real problem when drug abuse occurs more often, so much so that it becomes a habit. As substance abuse increases, users develop tolerance, which means they need more of the substance to achieve the same high. Soon, users become dependent on the substance if they continue using, which means they will experience mental and physical withdrawal symptoms when they go long enough without a dose. Addiction begins when users ignore important elements in life, or when they continue using in spite of detrimental effects.

What Causes Substance Abuse?

Substance abuse opens the door to addiction, so the best way to understand how to avoid addiction is to understand what causes substance abuse. Substance abuse almost always has an underlying cause, whether your loved one is trying to escape stress at work, family problems or is self-medicating physical pain. Each user turns to substance abuse for one reason or another, but, as substance abuse turns into a habit, the behavior is reinforced. Soon, every time a user is stressed out about work or experiences symptoms from a mental disorder, he will turn to drugs or alcohol to drown out his problems. The only way to avoid substance abuse is to get professional help that addresses the underlying causes.

How to Beat Addiction

The first step to overcoming addiction is to admit that you cannot do it on your own. Seek professional treatment for your addiction to talk with our admissions coordinators about professional treatment. Our toll-free helpline is available 24 hours a day to users who want to heal from addiction. Our admissions coordinators can answer any questions you have, and they can let you know if your health insurance will cover the cost of rehab. Pick up the phone and call today to learn more about the benefits of addiction treatment.

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