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Why Does Fitness Aid Recovery?

Why Does Fitness Aid Recovery?

Fitness can impart a feeling of success, achievement and stress relief

Getting sober is by far the most important decision that an individual can to make for her health and wellbeing, especially if she has been continually battling addiction. To the untrained eye, getting into and completing addiction treatment might seem like the hardest part of the recovery journey, but those users that get sober often agree that the most difficult part of recovery is not getting, but staying sober. Therefore, recovering addicts must develop hobbies and participate in activities to improve upon their lifestyles, because, in doing so, these users will set themselves up for success. One of the most common ways recovering users can benefit their recoveries is if they get involved in physical fitness.

Fitness can aid someone’s addiction recovery in a number of ways. First, it can serve as a distraction for someone who is looking to stay sober. By setting aside time each day to exercise, an individual has not only set a goal for himself, but he has also occupied a chunk of his day that might have otherwise served as time to be triggered to use drugs. In other words, it prevents boredom and idleness, which often trigger cravings for drug abuse.

Getting involved in fitness and exercise also provide structure to an individual’s daily schedule. Staying in recovery is all about being able to focus on goals without being distracted by temptations, and having structure in everyday life can make achieving that end much more possible. Plus, having a daily structure helps recovering addicts plan their days out, which means they can stay on top of all the other commitments on their schedules.

Arguably, the greatest benefit that comes from fitness can be the overall feeling of success, achievement, happiness and stress release. Getting the body moving helps release endorphins and dopamine, which in turn make people feel satisfied, happy and accomplished. In addition to causing feelings of wellbeing, fitness can also reduce stress, relieve any pent up anger and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Fitness is just one of the many activities that recovering users can get involved in to aid their long-term sobriety. This particular activity can help occupy a user’s time, provide her with some structure, release endorphins, decrease stress and so much more. In addition, fitness and exercise can promote healthy eating and overall healthy living, both of which can help recovery succeed. In other words, exercise does not guarantee recovery, but it certainly makes recovery easier.

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