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Why Addiction Is Not a Muse

Why addiction is not a muse

Addiction can dull your creativity

Some artists have credited drugs or alcohol as their muse for their creations. A muse is the object that inspires an artist. As drugs or alcohol have the ability to alter the mind, artists and people in general feel like certain substances help them tap into their inner creativity; they allow them to reach ideas and perspectives they normally wouldn’t and reduce inhibitions that supposedly hinder their creativity when sober.

From musicians to poets, painters to film directors, many different types of artists view drugs and alcohol as the gateway to achieving brilliant epiphanies, raw emotion and more. And while this theory may seem logical for some, since these substances do allow individuals to reach drastic levels of thought, emotion and imagination, using drugs and alcohol as a muse for creative expression will eventually destroy your health, mind, and will to create.

Mind-altering substances can do several things for the user: serve as inspiration, reduce fears and anxieties, relieve pressure and stress, boost energy and self-confidence, numb symptoms of depression, produce euphoria and rewarding feelings. There is always a plausible excuse for using drugs or alcohol, and those who begin to place importance on these substances will more than likely develop a problem with substance abuse or addiction.

The more a person resorts to drugs or alcohol to solve a problem, the more she is going to rely on the substance in the future and lose her ability to deal with problems on her own. If an artist utilizes drugs and alcohol to get in-touch with creativity, it is very rare that she will ever feel confident in her innate abilities to create art. People grow attached to the effects a drug can produce, both physically and mentally, until over time, they simply feel like they cannot do anything without being under the influence of a particular substance.

What many people come to realize is that drugs and alcohol actually cloud the mind, and bring about several other consequences that can detract from their goals. Drug abuse can alter the structure and function of the brain, create mental health issues like depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, psychosis, and anxiety and impair a person’s physical and mental abilities. One’s overall performance, responsibilities and creativity can be drastically altered and damaged.

Addiction is a cruel disease that takes over the brain. The need to maintain the addiction becomes top priority, and everything else falls away, including one’s artistic ambitions. Addiction can completely destroy a person’s career, in addition to his health, relationships, and wellbeing. So using drugs and alcohol as a muse is incredibly dangerous and not worth the risk.

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