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What Is Krokodil?

What Is Krokodil?Krokodil is a drug that has been used in parts of Russia for years now, but it only recently gained popularity in The United States. This drug is an opiate-based substance that is derived from morphine and produces incredibly frightening side effects. Krokodil is eight times more powerful that morphine in its purest form and three times more powerful that heroin. Within Russia alone, over one million people have experimented with or become addicted to krokodil.

What Are the Side Effects of Krokodil Use?

Krokodil is quickly becoming one of the most feared drugs on the planet, primarily because of the many unheard of side effects that can develop through use. Some of the most common side effects of Krokodil use include the following:

  • Skin damage – The term “krokodil” comes from the word “crocodile,” which describes how the skin looks after use. Using krokodil causes individuals to experience rotting skin that falls off. The skin becomes scaly and hardens before falling off.
  • Shortened life expectancy – Since krokodil is so incredibly potent and powerful, the life expectancy of a krokodil user is only two to three years on average. This drug is injected right into the blood stream, which causes a number of deadly effects on the body.
  • Stronger highs – For many users, krokodil is a top choice because it produces much stronger highs than heroin or other opiates. This includes extreme feelings of euphoria, the most highly sought after effect of opiate use.

The side effects of krokodil can include irreversible skin damage and loss, a short life expectancy, and stronger opiate-induced highs.

Why Are People Using Krokodil?

The images of the physical damage of krokodil use should be enough to deter individuals from experimenting with this drug; however, using krokodil is a viable option for some. For example, krokodil is much cheaper than most opiate drugs, which can help those who are addicted to opiates still get high even if they do not have a lot of money. In addition, krokodil is fairly easy to make, as most of the ingredients in the drug include household items, such as lighter fluid, paint thinner, and gasoline. By showing images of the effects of krokodil and educating the public about the dangers associated with use, media outlets and educators hope to help deter individuals from turning to this drug.

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