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What Is It Like to Live in Recovery?

What Is It Like to Live in Recovery?

A healthy diet is essential to recovery

Life after addiction may seem daunting to someone who is currently using. However, recovery is much easier with the help of experienced, trained addiction professionals and supportive friends.

Life in recovery is unique. Unlike life with addiction, life in recovery is an active process. While addiction makes recovery seem frightening at times, recovery is possible for every addict who wants to live a sober life.

In Recovery You Think Clearly

Addiction takes up a great deal of brainpower and effort. Addiction can take over relationships, take priority over family, and destroy jobs. Addiction, over time, can create personality changes and make conflicts more volatile.

When you choose recovery, you choose to take power over your life again. You will begin to think more clearly and daunting tasks will seem easier again. You may begin to wonder how you functioned at all while using.

In Recovery You Make Choices About Your Life

When addiction drives your life, it also drives your choices. Many addicts think they are in control and that they are making their own decisions. However, addiction takes over your ability to choose. When you are addicted, addiction is your only choice. Life begins to revolve around drug and alcohol use, and substances or addictive behaviors like gambling, sex, shopping begin to make the decisions for you.

When you choose to seek addiction help, you are choosing to take control of your own life again. Recovery means regaining the ability to make choices about your life.

In Recovery You Take Control of Your Health

Because addicts place using their drug of choice above all else, their health inevitably suffers. The cost of an addiction includes serious health risks. Consider the healthy choices you can begin to make once you overcome addiction:

  • Choosing healthy foods and meals
  • Choosing exercise or moderate wellness activities
  • Taking care of health insurance or dental insurance
  • Maintaining routine medical visits
  • Avoiding stimulants and downers for a more balanced metabolism

In recovery you can begin choosing healthy friends, relationships, and activities that support your sobriety.

In Recovery Your Relationships Become More Authentic

When your primary relationship is with drugs and alcohol, you are not able to make a real connection to other human beings. Love relationships, parent/child relationships, work relationships and more are all impacted by addiction. When you are free from the cloud of addiction, you can have authentic, real and meaningful relationships.

Relapse and Recovery Help

You don’t have to achieve sobriety on your own. Recovery can be a comfortable and healthy process. We can help. We offer a toll-free helpline to help addicts and caring family members and friends find real solutions for wellness. We can connect you with a comfortable rehab of your choice, family addiction counseling, medically supervised and safe detox programs, support groups and more. Whether you are seeking recovery or relapse help, or you have a loved one in recovery, call now to find out how we can assist you. Call anytime, 24 hours a day to find the help you need.

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