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Treatment Solutions for Prescription Drug Addiction

Treatment solutions for prescription drug addictionAddiction that result from a legitimate prescription for a drug are often the most difficult to overcome. Many prescription drugs have a high risk for dependency and addiction. This risk is reduced by taking the drug only as prescribed an only for short periods of time.

Prescription Drug Tolerance, Dependence

Prescription drug tolerance occurs when the brain and body begin to counteract the drug’s effect. Tolerance is a defense mechanism and works to restore balance. However, it means that over time a person using a prescription drug will need more frequent and higher dosages of the medication to produce the desired effect. As dosage is increased, dependence forms. Dependence occurs when the body and mind believe the prescription drug is needed for regular daily function. If a dependent user stops taking a drug, withdrawal symptoms will occur. These make identifying addiction and ending prescription drug use difficult, as withdrawal symptoms often mimic the symptoms for which the drug was originally prescribed. Patients must face the emotional battle of recovering from an addiction they never knew they were at risk for.

Treatment Options for Prescription Drug Addiction

Treatment for an addiction to any prescription drug should be carried out under the supervision of medical professionals in a designated rehab facility. Prescription drug addiction treatment will begin with medically supervised detox services which should be following by counseling and therapy. Therapy can be a scary word, but a rehab plan that includes access to a professional therapist recovering prescription drug users to learn about the underlying causes of addiction. A trusted therapist can be a vital link in the chain of support and accountability needed to avoid relapse.

In addition to detox services and therapy, quality rehab programs may emphasize education and nutrition. If you are able to understand the way your body was designed to work while learning about environmental factors that may contribute to your addiction, you will be further armed against relapse.

Resources for Prescription Drug Addiction Rehabilitation

We are available 24 hours a day to answer your questions, walk you through the rehab process and provide you with any additional resources you may need. We can help you find the best recovery resources for you. All calls are free and confidential, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Please call now.

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