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The Value of Honesty in the Midst of Addiction

The Value of Honesty in the Midst of Addiction

Being honest with yourself and others also means the healing process can begin

Honesty is not a word many people think of when they think of drug addicts; when most people think of addiction, they may think of words like deception, lies, hurt and pain. Why is dishonesty common in addiction? Furthermore, if dishonesty is prevalent among addicts, then what information can people believe from drug addicts? How can an addict learn to be honest with herself and others again, and, most importantly, why should she?

The Importance of Honesty in Drug Addiction Recovery

Honesty is essential to maintain any relationship, whether the relationship is romantic or professional. However, for addicts honesty means much more than being truthful. The following situations show why honesty is important for drug addicts:

  • Opens their eyes to addiction
  • Acknowledges their pain and the pain they have caused others
  • Takes a step toward treatment

Many addicts hide behind their deception and lies to mask the depth of their addiction. By ignoring drug abuse habits, addiction worsens and relationships begin to crumble. When addicts start being honest with themselves and/or others about addiction, they begin to see the real destruction they have caused. This insight allows addicts to understand the pain they caused others, which means that treatment will fail unless addicts can be honest about their drug habits.

How Honesty Helps Addicts Transition into Recovery

Being honest with yourself and loved ones is often the hardest step to take regarding any issue, let alone an issue as serious as addiction. Honesty makes people feel vulnerable and scared, feelings that often keep addicts from admitting their drug problems in the first place. The following examples show how honesty can help an addict transition into treatment:

  • The hardest step is over
  • Starts the healing process
  • Facilitates proper treatment

For most addicts, it is a painful experience to come to terms with addiction and what their drug habits have done to themselves and others. But overcoming the dishonesty of addiction means the most difficult step of recovery has begun, so it only gets easier from then on. Being honest with yourself and others also means the healing process can begin. This step allows doctors and a medical staff to find the true reasons behind the addiction, which means that a proper treatment plan can form. Overall, honesty can repair relationships, rebuild self-esteem and reestablish one’s pride.

Drug Addiction Treatment

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