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Taking the Right Prescription Drug Dosage

Taking the Right Prescription Drug DosageIf you have never struggled with drug abuse or been inclined toward recreational drug use, you might underestimate the risks associated with prescription drugs. Drugs do not distinguish between someone who intends to abuse a substance and someone who takes a higher dose of a drug when the recommended dose doesn’t seem to work. Any misuse or abuse of a prescription drug can lead to tolerance, dependence and addiction. If you are taking a prescription medication and feel that it is not working properly, it is important that you speak to your doctor before increasing your dosage or combining medications. Doing so without a doctor’s permission can result in addiction or overdose.

Tolerance Can Lead to Prescription Drug Misuse

When a drug stops working or pain begins to return, a user may respond by taking a little more of his or her medication. This casual and seemingly harmless action can have dire consequences. Taking a higher dose of a medication without medical approval is drug abuse. The body will become accustomed to the increased dose, resulting in tolerance and leading to addiction. Know what amount of a medication is healthy and safe to take within a certain amount of time. Your doctor can give you this information based on your specific circumstance and the medication being used. Safe doses vary depending on the drug, but there are general guidelines you can follow to avoid addiction. If you do develop a dependence on or addiction to prescription medications, there is still help and hope. Admitting to a prescription drug addiction can create feelings of shame and embarrassment, but there is no reason to be embarrassed if you are getting help. If you did not intend to abuse a drug, you should not go on living as if you had. You can get treatment and get back to living your life.

Get Help for Prescription Drug Abuse or Addiction

If you or someone you love has become addicted to a prescription drug, give us a call. We want to help you learn about treatment options and how to safely take medication. Call our 24 hour toll-free helpline to speak with a trained addiction counselor who can assist you. Don’t let an honest dosage mistake turn into a tragedy. Call today.

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