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Stigmas Related to Prescription Drug Addiction

Stigmas Related to Prescription Drug AddictionWhen it comes to drug addiction, specifically prescription drug abuse, people seem to have severely negative reactions to it. Some people view addiction as a choice, while some see it as a disease, and this back and forth can be fuel for the fire of this stigma.

Stigmas Related to Prescription Drug Addiction

The saying “don’t judge a person until you walk a mile in their shoes” is an excellent way to keep from giving into a stigma, however not everyone is going to be able to relate to a person with a prescription abuse problem, thus encouraging opinions to be formed from an outsiders point of view. These opinions can easily be shared by others, creating many stigmas pertaining to this form of addiction.

  • Choice – While it has been proven that addiction is developed as a result of 50% the environment and 50% genetics, some people just do not see it that way and have difficulty relating. Because they don’t have the urge to use excessively, they feel as though they are choosing not to use, when this is not the case at all. For those who have these urges, it is due to the 50/50 rule, making it nearly impossible to not use. They are not actively choosing to be an addict.
  • Deal and steal – Not all addictions are like the ones seen in movies, meaning that not every prescription pill user is a dealer or a thief. Some of the most common ways that people continually abuse prescriptions is either by finding them in their homes and/or being prescribed drugs by a doctor. People no longer need to meet up on the street corner or steal them from other people’s homes to obtain drugs, as they are no longer difficult to obtain in the comfort of their own home or at the doctor’s office.
  • Compassion – A major part of the prescription drug stigma is that people on the outside looking in think that those who are using don’t care for anyone but themselves. This is highly untrue. The addiction is stronger than almost anything, making it seem that friends, family, and children are unimportant.

Along with these stigmas, people also tend to view prescription drug users as being poor, homeless, or overall dishonest people. While in some cases these stigmas might ring true, the overall population of prescription drug users are just like everyone else, except they have a dependency issue. Their prescription abuse does not make them a bad person; it just provides them with a serious obstacle they need to overcome to find their sobriety and health once again.

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