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Prevent Addiction: Know What Medication You Are Taking

Prevent Addiction: Know What Medication You Are TakingWhen taking prescription medication, protect your health by learning about that drug. Several medications have adverse effects and can be highly addictive. Consider the effects of the drug before beginning a prescription to be positive that you are making the most safe, effective decision.

How to Avoid Addiction

To avoid becoming addicted to your prescription, take the following actions:

  • Talk to your doctor. Ask all about the drug prescribed to you, especially the potential side effects (both good and bad) so you can be fully informed. Do not be afraid to ask your doctor why she this is the best medication for you and why. You can set yourself up for success by communicating clearly with your prescribing doctor.
  • Know your medical history. By referring to your medical history, you and your doctor can assess a medication’s potential for success. Not all medications are safe for you, as some can dangerously affect other health problems. If your prescribed medication could interfere with another health disorder, ask your doctor to run some tests before taking the drug.
  • Knowing your family’s history is just as important as knowing your own. In fact, they often times work hand in hand. For instance, if you have numerous family members (or even just one) who has suffered from addiction, be sure you communicate that to your doctor. If certain health problems are common in your family, inform your doctor of those too, as you may develop these conditions as you get older.
  • Be aware of drug interactions. Your doctor has most likely prescribed all of your medications, but be sure you can safely combine any medication prescribed. Get detailed instructions from your doctor regarding dosage, what time of the day to take your medications, and how many pills you can take per day. Mixing drugs is never a good idea, so protect your health by gaining as much information as possible concerning your medication.

Knowing all the information regarding your prescription is crucial to prevent addiction. If you are ever uncomfortable with a drug due to its side effects, potential for addiction or any other reason, communicate this with your doctor. You can prevent your addiction by understanding your family medical history, your own personal health history and by being informed on the medications you are currently taking.

Help with Prescriptions

For more information on what to do if you are concerned about addiction, please call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline so we can help you. Don’t wait, please call us today.

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