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Prescription Drug Addiction, Overdose and Liver Necrosis

Prescription Drug Addiction, Overdose and Liver NecrosisMany people are aware of the dangers of drug abuse, but this does not necessarily encourage addicts to seek help. Addicts should appreciate the danger between addiction and liver necrosis, because this condition can be life-threatening. Recognizing all of the dangers of drug abuse can guide addicts and their loved ones to the right decisions for long-term sobriety.

How Addiction Affects the Liver

The liver performs many functions to keep the body functioning healthily. Not only does it produce bile to assist with healthy digestion, but it also helps clean your blood by sterilizing potentially harmful chemicals. The source of these chemicals could be from the food that you eat or the substances you ingest. Therefore, when people abuse prescription drugs their livers cannot filter the dangerous chemicals quickly enough, which contaminates not only the liver, but also the blood. When prescription drugs constantly bombard your liver, the liver must work that much harder to filter the hazardous chemicals.

Your liver will sustain a significant amount of damage through prescription drug abuse, which can put you at a higher risk for overdose and liver necrosis. If your liver sustains significant damage, then it may be unable to keep up with the constant influx of prescription drugs. This could mean that you take additional drugs before the previous dose has left your system, which will cause considerable problems. The dangers of drug abuse are widespread, but addiction can permanently damage the liver, and this could be life-threatening.

Treatment for Addiction and Liver Necrosis

The sooner you end your addictive behaviors, then the sooner your liver can recover. If your addiction causes permanent damage, you should still remember that halting your prescription drug abuse can help to prevent additional damage. In an addiction and recovery facility, a trained medical staff will consider all of your specific needs. You will receive treatment that will help you through recovery phase, which can lead to long-term sobriety. Also, if you seek rehab, then you receive the kind of care that considers the potential effects on the liver. In other words, if you seek professional help, you can ensure that you do not overlook any problem that an addiction has caused. Your body deserves an opportunity to recover from addiction and liver necrosis. The dangers of drug abuse don’t need to be life-threatening, so seek professional recovery options today.

Help Addressing Prescription Drug Abuse and its Effects

To learn more about the dangers of drug abuse and how it affects the liver, please call our toll-free helpline. Professional counselors answer calls 24 hours a day, and they can connect you with the recovery options that can get you well. Seek professional help to ensure that you recover from drug abuse.

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