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Prescription Drug Addiction after a Work-Related Injury

Prescription Drug Addiction after a Work-Related InjuryThe department of labor has reported that an average 3.3 million cases of work-related injuries are recorded each year. These individuals will be prescribed medications which will create many dependencies and addictions. There are a number of reasons why work-related injuries so commonly result in prescription drug addiction, such as for the following reasons:

  • The most common work-related injuries are back problems. These are hard to diagnose and sometimes impossible to fix. Therefore, many individuals are prescribed numerous medications and sent from specialist to specialist. Throughout this process, the pain may never subside and the individual will then seek out more and more drugs to mask the pain.
  • Doctors may be uneducated on administering pain medication; they may prescribe too much or provide little information on the harms and dangers of prescription drug abuse.
  • Prescription drugs can be addictive. When dealing with chronic pain, over time users may develop a tolerance for the drug and find themselves needing larger doses to feel the drug’s relief.
  • Users may like how the drugs make them feel. An addiction may spawn because the patient is pleased with the euphoric or calming side effects.
  • Some doctors may cut patients off fearing repercussions from laws and regulations. The patient may be left untreated and turn to alternate routes for relief such as buying unsafe drugs on the black market.
  • After treatments, tests and diagnosis some people are unable to find a solution to their injury. This can cause the belief that they must rely on pain pills to live comfortably.

Putting an End to Your Pain without Abusing Prescription Drugs

Substance abuse is not the answer to anyone’s problems. Abusing prescription drugs to treat a physical injury is especially dangerous because addiction can easily develop. Individuals become physically dependent on drugs and the effects begin to take place. Addiction is something that will consume users. It is especially dangerous because users truly believe that drugs are the only thing making them feel well, function or even survive; when in actuality the drug abuse is only worsening their conditions. Addiction can potentially destroy addicts’ lives. Their relationships, careers, finances, and health will all be damaged by the effects of addiction. To avoid the perils of addiction, seek out quality treatment for an injury that does not involve the abuse of prescription drugs.

Find Treatment for Both Addiction and Injury

If you have suffered with pain due to an injury for long enough, drugs may have seemed like the only option to alleviate the hurt. This is a common issue that many people are dealing with, but a life controlled by addiction is not the answer, nor is it the life you want to live. There are solutions for your pain; solutions that do not involve taking medications that will only worsen your condition.

To learn more about treatment for injury-related pain and addiction, please call our toll-free helpline now. Our rehab specialists are available 24 hours a day to provide you information and answer any questions you may have about your treatment options.

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