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Prescription Addiction in Soldiers

Prescription addiction in soldiersMany current and former soldiers are struggling with symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), while others have returned home with an addiction to prescription drugs. Painkiller addictions begin for a variety of reasons. An injury or illness may cause the soldier to begin using, or a soldier may begin using prescription drugs as a way to cope with the intense stress of combat and a military career.  Some common addictions include Valium addiction, Xanax addiction, OxyContin Addiction, Percocet Addiction, Klonopin Addiction and more. The following are some of the many factors that lead to addiction in soldiers:

  • There is a high level of camaraderie between active duty soldiers. Soldiers need each other to survive in the field. Unfortunately, drug use and drinking can also become a way for these soldiers to deal with the stress of war, and it also becomes a bonding experience that often leads to addiction.
  • Stress of constant deployment and relocation can cause family strain that exacerbates addiction.
  • Veterans who lost comrades or witnessed terrible acts of violence may try to use prescription pills to numb feelings of guilt and loss.
  • Soldiers may be struggling with a previously existing mental disorder such as depression, bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. Many soldiers try to hide these problems in the fear that they may lose promotions or positions because of these problems. Soldiers may try to self-medicate these issues with drugs or alcohol.
  • The use of prescription drugs can cause physical and mental changes that may lead to mental disorders like psychosis, depression or mood swings. These changes may lead to increased drug use.
  • Loneliness and extended time away from loved ones may cause an environment that leads to addiction.

Prescription Pill Addition Treatment for Soldiers

If you or a soldier you know is struggling with a prescription addiction, it can cause great danger to the soldier, his or her family and all of the soldiers engaged in active duty with that individual. Your soldier may be greatly concerned about losing his or her career over a prescription addiction, but there is a heavy cost to ignoring such a serious problem.

There is prescription pill addiction help designed specifically for soldiers and their families. There are programs available that are not affiliated with the military or the government in any way. Some of these programs specialize in PTSD and addiction, while others specialize in the specific needs of military veterans and their loved ones.

Find Prescription Addiction Help for Soldiers Now

Overcoming addiction is a challenge for anyone. When a soldier faces addiction and other issues like PTSD and war trauma, there are specialized treatment programs available. Let us match you to the best treatment possible. We are not affiliated with the military, maintain confidentiality, and can assist in arranging insurance coverage for treatment.

We can help you get the resources needed to help you continue your career and overcome prescription pill addiction. Call our toll-free helpline to talk with someone who understands your situation, and find a treatment program that understands your career and your life. Call 24 hours a day to find out how we can help you and your family.

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