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Prescription Abuse and Drug Interactions

Prescription Abuse and Drug InteractionsThe abuse of prescription drugs is not only illegal, but can be extremely dangerous or even deadly. Any instance of prescription drug use that is not recommended or ordered by a doctor is considered drug abuse. This includes increasing a dosage without a doctor’s consent, taking a medication more frequently than prescribed, and attempting to obtain more medication than is prescribed. Often, patients don’t intend to break the law by tampering with the dosage of their medication, but are only trying to treat worsening or persistent symptoms. Often these users are patients who have developed a growing tolerance to a drug. This occurs when the patient’s body adjusts to the dosage of medication in its system. When this happens, the user no longer feels the effects of the drug causing him to increase his dosage. If taking larger amounts does not produce the desired effect users mix other drugs with their prescription medication.

The Dangers of Combining Drugs

Mixing illegal or other prescription drugs with a medication can cause serious damage to a user’s health. Yet many people do this to treat the symptoms of an illness or injury. If a prescription no longer treats a patient’s symptoms, he may try to increase its effects with another substance instead of speaking to a doctor. This is called “self-medication”. What many people do not know is that combining drugs can cause serious and unexpected side effects. Only a doctor knows the precise ingredients of a medication and how these ingredients will react with other medicines. For example, if a patient takes an opioid painkiller like Codeine or hydrocodone with a benzodiazepine drug ( such as Lorazepam) the result could be severe respiratory depression, heart failure, or coma. There is no safe drug to mix with a prescription medication as even household pain medications or herbal supplements carry similar risks.

Drug cocktails also carry a high risk of overdose which occurs when a patient has too much of a drug in his system. This can also cause death. Most cases overdose of these deaths are accidental and occur because users mix “safe” drugs with their prescription.

Help For Prescription Drug Addicts

If you are battling an addiction to prescription drugs call our toll-free helpline now. Our counselors are standing by 24 hours a day to answer any questions that you have about prescription drug abuse, drug interactions, and addiction treatment. We can help you get the help that you need to start your recovery. Call now.

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