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Planning an Intervention for Prescription Drug Abuse

Planning an Intervention for Prescription Drug AbuseMillions of people nationwide abuse prescription drugs, which is one of the most deadly epidemics the US currently faces. When someone becomes addicted to a prescription drug, such as an opiate or a stimulant, both his life and the lives of his loved ones can suffer. In response to this, family members of a prescription drug user may try a number of tactics to help their loved one end his drug abuse, which includes staging an intervention. If you wish to stage an intervention for someone you know, then seek professional help to improve the chances of success, which means your loved one seeking recovery.

Help Planning an Intervention

People can use a number of intervention types to help a loved one end prescription drug abuse. One of the most common intervention types for prescription drug abuse is the classical intervention, where a family comes together to plan the intervention prior to it occurring. In order for this type of intervention to succeed, family members must take the following actions:

  • Hire an interventionist – An interventionist is going to be the best source of knowledge for a family who wants to get their loved one into professional help for her prescription drug abuse. Not only will an interventionist provide support, but he will also mediate the intervention.
  • Get educated – By working with a therapist, a family can learn about prescription drug abuse, including the effects these drugs have on their loved one, what to expect when he is confronted and much more
  • Set boundaries – A classical intervention encourages a family to establish boundaries if the addict refuses to seek treatment. This is crucial when a loved one is addicted to prescription drugs, as her drug use can continue if enabled.

In addition to getting an interventionist, hiring an education about prescription drug abuse and learning how to set boundaries, the family of a prescription drug user can also learn how to move forward if their loved one refuses to seek professional treatment.

Should I Hold an Intervention for Prescription Drug Abuse?

For many prescription drug users, rock bottom does not come until their families finally puts their foot down by refusing to enable drug use. Therefore, it is crucial that the family of a prescription drug user works together to discourage drug abuse. Furthermore, they must learn how to encourage sobriety, which requires more than words. Through a process such as a classical intervention, a family can develop the teamwork skills that encourage a prescription drug addict to recover.

Help Planning an Intervention for a Prescription Drug Addict

Call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline right now to begin planning an intervention for prescription drug abuse. Do not let one more day go by without getting your loved one the care she needs; call us today for instant, professional support.

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