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Pain Clinics and Prescription Drug Abuse

Pain Clinics and Prescription Drug AbusePain clinics are playing a significant role in the spread of prescription drug abuse. Although there are many legitimate clinics that do everything in their power to make sure that the drugs they dispense are being used properly, many recovering addicts point to unscrupulous clinics as a regular source of the drugs they abused.

Understanding the Modern Pain Clinic

When managed correctly modern pain clinics serve an important role in the health care system. Some patients experience persistent debilitating pain following injury or surgery or as a result of a disease such as fibromyalgia. Pain clinics focus on treating and managing this kind of pain through medical treatment and/or alternative treatments such as chiropractic care or physical therapy. The most responsible clinics follow the following treatment rules strictly:

  • They only accept patients with referrals from doctors who have exhausted their pain management expertise
  • They require complete medical records including prescription records
  • They diligently watch medication quantities and dismiss patients who abuse their system
  • They help patients find lasting freedom from pain without medication

How Pain Clinics Contribute to Prescription Drug Abuse

Unfortunately a large number of these clinics operate as little more than drug depots that profit off of patients’ addictions. Since painkilling narcotic drugs are perfectly legal if obtained with a prescription, these centers simply sell those prescriptions to almost anyone who walks through their doors. Some addicts will sign up for treatment at multiple pain clinics, so they can stock up on the drugs. Law enforcement agencies are working to prosecute these pushers, but discerning the difference between legitimate prescription use and drug abuse is difficult.

Symptoms of Prescription Painkiller Addiction

If you have been taking prescription pain pills, you may be addicted. The following symptoms are potential indicators of an opiate addiction:

  • Withdrawal symptoms such as intense pain, flu-like symptoms or anxiety set in if you don’t take pain pills regularly
  • You find yourself taking more pills or taking them more frequently than prescribed
  • You mix pills with other drugs or with alcohol in order to intensify the effects
  • You get defensive when approached about your drug use
  • You constantly think about taking pills
  • You have been dishonest with friends, family members, doctors or pharmacists in order to get more pills

If left untreated addiction will ruin your health, destroy your relationships, and land you in financial and legal trouble.

End Prescription Drug Abuse

Recovery from prescription painkiller addiction is possible, but it requires professional help. Our toll-free helpline is always open, and we are here to do the following:

  • Answer any questions about addiction and recovery
  • Offer free insurance coverage confirmation
  • Help convince a loved one to get help for addiction
  • Connect you with the best recovery resources for you exact needs

Let us help you get clean and stay clean. The information we provide is completely confidential, and you have nothing to lose. Call today.

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