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Non-Institutional Addiction Help

Non-Institutional Addiction HelpInstitutional addiction therapy normally occurs in a hospital or correctional setting and is stereotypically characterized by a sterile environment in which the addict is treated without receiving personalized care. Institutional therapy centers often do not have enough funding, and, as a consequence, they focus on flushing the drugs from the patient’s system through detox, giving him medication to reduce his drug cravings and offering counseling before releasing him. Institutional addiction help does not have a high recovery rate and tends to produce revolving-door patients.

Non-Institutional Alternatives for Addiction Recovery

Many private organizations believe that a more focused and personal approach to addiction treatment yields much better results for the individual addict’s recovery. A few of the non-institutional approaches to recovery include in the following:

  • Wilderness therapy. This form of therapy removes participants from their familiar everyday lives and brings them to a remote region where they face physical challenges and have to utilize survival skills and teamwork. This builds self-esteem, as patients realize that they can conquer challenges with the right equipment, support and leadership.
  • Private holistic residential centers. These centers remove the patient from his normal life and all of the accompanying stressors that originally drove him to drug use. Through a combination of detox, physical therapy, nutritious meals, luxurious surroundings and psychological treatment, the holistic treatment model heals the mental and emotional damage that led to drug abuse. This model replaces addiction-related thoughts with a renewed self-image.
  • 12-step programs. These programs focus on group meetings and accountability partners to pull addicts out of their isolated world of drug use and regret. These groups are more ideal for those drug users whose addictions have not yet gotten to the point of costing them their jobs and lifestyles, and who perhaps cannot afford to take the time away from family or work to participate in a wilderness or residential program.

These alternatives to impersonal clinical treatment are much more effective in changing addicts’ lives for the better, but they work best when combined with traditional options and a willing participant.

Finding the Right Addiction Treatment Program for You

Are you or your loved one struggling with addiction and looking for a treatment program that works? Please call our toll-free 24 hour helpline to speak with an experienced counselor who can listen to your description of your situation and offer not only practical advice but guidance in finding the treatment program that will be most effective in your circumstances. There is hope, and we want to help you see it. Please call us today.

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