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Migraine Pain and Prescription Drug Abuse

Migraine Pain and Prescription Drug AbuseMigraines are extremely painful headaches that can interfere with someone’s life. They disrupt a person’s ability to work effectively, maintain relationships and enjoy life without fear of pain.

Migraine Symptoms

Migraines have strong symptoms such as the following:

  • Constipation/diarrhea
  • Irritability
  • Neck stiffness
  • Throbbing pain
  • Extreme sensitivity to light or sound
  • Nausea accompanied by lightheadedness
  • Seeing spots, flashes of light, blurred vision or losing vision completely

These symptoms can last for days. This type of long-lasting pain leads sufferers to doctors in an attempt to find relief. Drugs prescribed for migraine pain are often addictive, and the following are some examples of drugs an individual with migraines may come across:

  • Florinol: This medication is a combination of caffeine, aspirin and butalbital. Side effects of Florinol include stomach issues, nausea, vomiting and drowsiness. Butalbital is highly addictive, and if this medication is combined with alcohol or other drugs, the results can be severe.
  • Benzodiazepines: Benzodiazepine drugs (benzos) are often times prescribed to those suffering from migraines because of their ability to relax muscles and stop the migraine pain. Benzos are highly addictive drugs that can be fatal when combined with alcohol.
  • Percocet: Percocet contains a mixture of oxycodone and acetaminophen. This drug is highly addictive and has great potential to be misused.

Prescription drugs can help migraine sufferers find relief, but they can also lead to long-term substance abuse issues. Users often take these drugs for longer periods of time than recommended, and they may not be aware of the risks involved or of the early warning signs of addiction. When being prescribed a medication for your migraines, make sure you ask as many questions as possible about the drug and its possible effects. Learn how to identify a drug problem and how to prevent one from occurring. If you are already dependent on or addicted to a prescription drug, help is available. Talk to your doctor or addiction professionals and learn about your options for managing pain while ending drug abuse.

Manage Migraines and End Prescription Drug Abuse

Call our toll-free helpline to learn more about the connection between migraines and prescription drug abuse. We are here 24 hours a day, so please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone now. We are here to talk with you about your concerns, and we can help you find the best solutions for your current struggles.

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