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Major Depressive Disorder and Pain Symptoms

Major Depressive Disorder and Pain SymptomsPain and depression often coexist. Those who suffer from chronic illness or ongoing pain may be familiar with the cycle of depression and pain. Some people also struggle with addiction as a result of efforts to self-medicate pain and depression.

When Pain Causes Depression

Struggling with constant pain is difficult for anyone. Arthritis, back injuries, accidents or illnesses can all disrupt your sleep cycle, your ability to do the things you love and your overall level of happiness. Major depressive disorder can be triggered by constant pain. It is not uncommon for depression to follow pain.

When Depression Causes Pain

Depression can also cause pain. Many people are not aware of how closely linked the mind is with the body. Pain can become much worse when people deny their pain or reject depression treatment. Low levels of dopamine and serotonin in the brain can lead to real sensations of pain, such as headaches, stomachaches and body aches.

The pain is not imaginary. Major illnesses have been linked to depression. The following issues can be caused by depression:

  • Ulcers
  • Heart conditions
  • Skin issues
  • Worsening of pre-existing conditions
  • Migraine headaches

If depression is causing you physical harm, it’s time to seek treatment. Depression is not an illness people can simply wish away or choose not to have. Depression is an illness just like any other physical illness. People with depression simply have less serotonin, dopamine or other “happy chemicals” readily available in their brain. There are medications that can help, and counseling can help as well. Depression is very common, and most people seek treatment for anxiety or depression at some point in life.

It may be tempting to try to self-medicate your pain or depression with pain pills, alcohol or another addictive substance or activity. Don’t let addiction compound your concerns. There is targeted treatment available that can address both addiction and depression at the same time.

Major Depressive Disorder and Pain Treatment

The best way to treat depression and pain is to treat both issues simultaneously. There are therapists and doctors who specialize in this branch of treatment, and you can benefit from these specialty services. Even if you tried treating your pain or depression years ago, new treatments are constantly being made available. Trained specialists stay on top of the most recent developments in medical care.

If depression, chronic pain or addiction has impacted your life, we can help. Our counselors offer assistance and information on treatment services, intervention services, insurance coverage and more. Call us today to find out how we can help you or someone you care about.

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