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Machine Operators and Prescription Drug Addiction

Machine Operators and Prescription Drug AddictionPrescription drug abuse is one of the most widespread forms of substance abuse in the country. In fact, millions of individuals from all different walks of life are abusing these types of drugs. A large portion of these prescription pill users are made up of working class individuals who struggle with work-related stress and challenges, such as machine operators who face professional troubles.

Dangers of Prescription Drug Addiction in Machine Operators

There are numerous types of machine operators, ranging from small equipment operators to crane operators. Even though some machine operators might not pose as much risk of harming themselves or others, this does not mean that there are not dangers associated with their job that can be increased when prescription pills are abused. Some of the most common dangers of prescription drug addiction in machine operators include the following:

  • Increased potential for harm: Since machine operators are primarily working with one or more large pieces of equipment, they are at higher risk for harming both themselves and others if they are under the influence of prescription drugs. Prescription drugs can cause machine operators to become drowsy or overly energetic, which can cause them to fall asleep at the wheel or use their machine improperly.
  • Poor decision-making abilities: When under the influence of prescription drugs, machine operators are not in the right state of mind to operate their machine. As a result, they might make decisions that they would have otherwise not made if they were sober. For example, they might allow under qualified individuals to operate their machine, use it recklessly or fail in maintaining its overall function.
  • Lack of production – As machine operators continue to abuse prescription pills, they slow down the production of the job that they are working on. This causes delays in the job and can jeopardize the machine operator’s job.

Machine operators who abuse prescription drugs are more likely to cause accidents, make poor decisions and cause delays in production.

Benefits of Getting Prescription Drug Treatment

Working class individuals, such as machine operators, can benefit greatly from prescription drug treatment. By participating in treatment, machine operators can learn how to adjust their behaviors to avoid relapsing, can develop coping skills to keep them from using when they become stressed at work and can learn to communicate more efficiently. Through incorporating these new skills into their newly sober life, machine operators can continue to work in their fields with no additional risk for harming themselves or others.

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