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Lortab abuse helpThe growing concern over prescription drug abuse is rising. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA), national survey found that the abuse of prescription drugs is continually growing in the United States. More and more drug related deaths have been tied to a drug overdose of multiple prescription medications taken at one time. Celebrities such as Michael Jackson and Anna Nicole Smith were found to have overdosed on prescription medications taken in lethal amounts. As this particular type of addiction increases, there is also the need for addiction help from them. Many of these abused prescriptions, like Lortab, are opioid-based and highly addictive. Once addiction has taken hold over a person’s life, it takes a comprehensive treatment program to break the cycle.

Lortab Abuse Treatment

Due to the heightened level of addictive properties found in opioid-based medication, drug rehab is necessary. Fortunately, due to the large amount of prescription drug addicts, there are many prescription drug rehab facilities. These facilities are going to help discern the level and intensity of the addiction and develop a customized program that fits the specific needs of each individual.

The required and vitally important first step is detox. This process involves the body ridding itself of the drug in order to get a patient sober enough to begin processing through the issues surrounding their addiction. This step may be the most physically demanding step in the rehab process. The discomfort is caused by highly undesirable symptoms of withdrawal. Nonetheless, the safest way to conduct detox is in a rehab facility with trained professionals who may provide 24-hour care. This is only the first step but helpful in continuing on with treatment.

Lortab Relapse Prevention

Drugs can truly redefine the way a person thinks, lives and behaves. The goal of treatment is not only to help a person become sober but also to assist patients in making lifestyle changes that make it easier to stay away from drugs. These lifestyle changes will help an individual to stay healthy, successfully process emotions and feelings without stuffing them away, steward relationships positively and apply skills to avoid drugs in the future. Some of these effects may be psychological in nature and require a professional’s help. Treatment will establish the proper behavioral therapy, through both individual counseling and group therapy, to support a recovering addict’s recovery process. By teaching these patients relapse prevention techniques and warning signs of potential relapse, a person has a better likelihood of sustained sobriety. These elements and the recovery process are crucial for avoiding relapse. Without further treatment, the risk for relapse is very high.

Need Help Finding Lortab Treatment Centers?

As facility based treatment ends, the recovery process does not. A support system must be in place, with continued, needed therapies in place. A person in recovery cannot return to the same environment or lifestyle from which they came. It would not be conducive to a life drug-free nor would it help in preventing relapse. Accountability is critical and friends and family can help in this. Not only that but continuing to process through emotions through counseling and group therapy will only help in the long run stay clear of turning to drugs to cope with the stress and frustrations of life.

If you or someone you know is struggling with an addiction to Lortab, please call our toll-free number. Someone is available 24 hours a day to discuss treatment options with you.

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