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Is My Loved One’s Prescription Drug Problem My Fault?

Is My Loved One's Prescription Drug Problem My Fault?If you are the parent, child, spouse or friend of a person who is abusing prescription drugs, you want to know what has caused the drug problem. This investigation into the causes of prescription drug abuse may lead you to blame yourself for some aspect or all aspects of your loved one’s addiction. The drug user may even openly blame you for his or her problem, but this is a denial of his or her role in prescription drug abuse.

The Effects of Blaming Others for Prescription Drug Abuse

Blame is not a productive emotion or action. Blaming yourself or others does not impact the present or future, and it does not change how you feel or act. Blame allows you to wallow in a mixture of indecision and inaction. It diverts your attention from what can and should be done. It provides a method for avoiding the truth and provides justification for continued prescription drug use. It does not benefit the user or those around him or her to focus only on fault rather than solution.

As harmful as blaming others is, it is even more harmful when you blame yourself. Blame gets in the way of doing something productive about your situation. Blame often brings about the following:

  • A sense of failure or hopelessness
  • A belief in the inability to do anything or cause change
  • The thought that you can never succeed so why even attempt to try

These thoughts and emotions will not contribute to recovery and will only exacerbate and prescription drug abuse problem.

How to Avoid Blame Related to Prescription Drug Abuse

The best way to avoid blaming yourself or others is to understand how unproductive such actions are. Blame allows you to not try, to not have hope and to not hold yourself accountable. Blame absolves you from the need to take any action and leaves you exactly where you are today. Once you realize the uselessness of blaming yourself or others, you can take action. Express your concerns to your loved one without assigning fault, and take responsibility for what you can control while recognizing what you cannot.

Help for Prescription Drug Abuse

We know addiction is a complicated issue, and we know it isn’t your or your loved one’s fault. Move past blame and start taking action to make a change. Call our toll-free helpline. We are here to help 24 hours a day.

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