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Is It Legal to Take Prescription Drugs that Aren’t Prescribed to Me?

Is It Legal to Take Prescription Drugs that Aren't Prescribed to Me?It is difficult for someone with a prescription drug abuse problem to get continued access to painkillers or other drugs. An individual may start using prescription medication that was not specifically prescribed to him or her, and this can result in legal troubles.

The Prescription Medication Problem

Painkillers are controlled substances and are prescribed to those who need them to meet a specific medical need. These medications are only considered to be safe when their use is monitored by medical professionals. Taking prescription drugs that have not been prescribed to you is abuse or misuse of a drug. Taking prescription painkillers without the direction and guidance of a doctor can be just as dangerous as taking an illegal drug like heroin, and the risks associated with taking prescription drugs include an accidental overdose when taken a larger dosage than is recommended.

Prescription Drug Abuse Laws

It is not illegal to have possession of prescription drugs that are not specifically prescribed to your name, as you can hold medication prescribed to a family member or other individual. A person with a prescription drug addiction may still find themselves in legal trouble, if they are in possession of drugs that are not prescribed to them, and they are abusing the medications. Getting into an accident while under the influence of prescription drugs, especially if the medications are not prescribed you to, can increase the legal ramifications of the accident. Purchasing prescription painkillers or other medications that are not prescribed to you can put you at risk for an arrest and prosecution. Purchasing prescription drugs on the street is risky, as you may not actually receive your drug of choice. You are at high risk of taking an unidentified medication that could lead to an overdose or other severe medical concern.

Getting Professional Treatment for Painkiller Dependence

Getting prescription drug addiction treatment from professionals who are familiar with the complexities of addiction is a vital part of regaining control of your life and avoiding the legal concerns that can accompany addiction. If you receive Dual Diagnosis addiction treatment, your addiction to prescription medication will be addressed at the same time as your underlying mental and emotional health concerns. There is a strong connection between addiction and mental health issues such as depression, bipolar disorder or anxiety.

Avoid Legal Troubles Related to Prescription Drug Abuse

If you or someone that you love can benefit from professional prescription drug addiction treatment, we can help. Painkiller addiction treatment is complex and should be handled by those who are adept at handling the complexities of detox and recovery. Call our toll-free addiction helpline to speak in complete confidence with one of our compassionate counselors about your need for quality painkiller addiction help. We are here to address all of your questions and concerns about prescription drug abuse and the recovery process. Call us today. We are here to guide you to long-lasting sobriety.

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