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How to Find a Job in Recovery

How to Find a Job in Recovery

When you interview for a job, you must decide whether or not you will discuss your addiction

An intimidating and inevitable part of addiction recovery is having to transition back into everyday life. Many people do not have the financial luxury of staying home and avoiding the working world, and reentering the workforce can be quite stressful, especially for those who lost their former jobs due to addiction. However, recovering addicts who leave rehab have professional resources available that will help them avoid drug abuse while connecting them with opportunities for work.

How Recovering Addicts can Find Work After Rehab

First and foremost, recovering addicts are urged to avoid making any significant life changes during their first year in recovery. Transitioning from treatment to the real world is difficult enough, and any major changes can create a great amount of stress that recovering addicts may not yet be strong enough to handle. Unfortunately, it is not always feasible to avoid changes, especially when it comes to employment. People have bills, families to take care of and treatment to pay for, so they need jobs. For those recovering addicts who must return to work within a year, or for those who must find a new job right after treatment ends, it becomes imperative to find work that is both enjoyable and aligned with recovery. If recovering addicts find jobs where they are exposed to high levels of stress, temptation or other relapse triggers, then the paycheck will not be worth the stress.

Several rehab programs offer aftercare assistance to help recovering addicts rejoin mainstream society. Individuals can discuss employment issues with recovery professionals who can connect users with agencies that provide job-related services. Recovering addicts with criminal records also have legal services available to help them find employment. The internet is a great source that helps recovering addicts find employment, as several organizations have websites for hiring addicts, such as America in Recovery or the National H.I.R.E. network. Government agencies, non-profit groups, churches, counselors and local addiction treatment centers are also great resources for job seekers with a history of addiction.

Should I Disclose My Addiction with My Employer?

When you attend a job interview, you must decide whether or not you will discuss your addiction. While there are pros and cons of speaking and withholding this information, it is ultimately up to you to disclose. Federal laws restrict employers from asking about past drug problems, but these laws also allow employers to administer drug tests to determine if potential employees currently use drugs. In other words, decide for yourself whether or not you want to admit to your addiction in a job interview, but avoid drugs after rehab ends to boost your chances for employment.

Find Help with Addiction Recovery

You are never alone in addiction recovery, as our admissions coordinators are accessible 24 hours a day at a toll-free helpline. They can assist you with your treatment or recovery needs, so give them a call right now whether you have questions, need information or are looking for treatment. You can stay clean and find work if you have the right support, so reach out for it right now.

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