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How Important Is a Healthy Eating Plan in Treatment?

How Important Is a Healthy Eating Plan in Treatment?

Healthy eating supplements addiction treatment while also keeping physical and emotional wellness a primary concern

Most people see addiction rehab as a time when patients focus all their efforts on stopping drug abuse. They know that rehab means people stay in an inpatient treatment center and have no access to substances such as alcohol or prescription medications; however, many of these people fail to realize that rehab is more than staying in a medical center for a period of time. In fact, addiction treatment involves much more than just attaining and maintaining sobriety.

Consider some definitions of addiction recovery. According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, recovery involves much more than just overcoming drug abuse, as it includes the following three principles:

  • Sobriety, by stopping unhealthy drug use
  • Personal health, which involves both physical, emotional and psychological wellness
  • Social belonging, including reintegration to society and productivity

In the case of personal health, working on the body and mind at the same time gives addicts in treatment the strength they need to continue moving toward sustained sobriety. With this definition in mind, it is easy to see why healthy eating in rehab is a part of most addiction treatment plans, and for good reasons.

The US National Institutes of Health states that abusing drugs damages the body in different and dangerous ways, often hindering lifestyle and patterns of healthy living. In fact, the article explains that drug abuse might harm some bodily functions, such as metabolism and specific organ failure. Since this problem is the case, a good treatment program recognizes that proper nutrition supports the healing process and provides necessary nutrients to the body to remain strong and keep organs healthy. A good diet also fights infection and improves emotional states.

For example, alcoholism is well known in the medical community as a cause of anemia, which is the lack of enough healthy red blood cells in the body. This problem occurs because people who abuse alcohol stop ingesting the nutrients that keep the blood healthy. Also, pancreas and liver damage (organs closely related to healthy nutrition and metabolism) are often the result of alcohol abuse. However, after alcohol detox, patients in treatment will undergo a medical diagnosis and require a healthy eating plan to recover from the deficiencies caused by alcoholism. Such treatment helps them obtain the necessary energy to keep up with sobriety efforts.

An article by the Psychology Today journal also supports the idea of healthy eating in rehab. The article talks about the importance of nutrition in the early stages of recovery: it mentions a therapy program that focuses on a healthy diet to restore cellular function, so it uses food as an early intervention for addiction.

Lifestyle Changes After Drug Detox

A patient in the early stages of recovery will undergo drug detox, which means that he will begin his process of sobriety by cleaning his body of any remaining harmful substances. During this period, the patient will need constant support and high levels of energy to keep up with the program and participate in counseling and therapy. Ergo, he will begin recovery under medical supervision.

Most people who begin addiction treatment often had bad eating habits before rehab began. Continuing with similar patterns is only detrimental to their efforts toward recovery. Patients learn this discipline in rehab, and it is a goal to keep this healthy eating plan when they go back home after treatment ends.

A healthy living routine has always been part of effective addiction treatment. A publication in the US National Library of Medicine analyzes how physical exercise bolsters addiction recovery: it states that healthy lifestyle changes after detox and during recovery are highly influential in promoting maintenance of sobriety. They also perfectly supplement the specific treatment program of the patient.

Addiction Rehab and Keeping Yourself in Balance

At first, it is true that addiction rehab can mean big life changes and an emotional impact. However, people can control specific factors to give addicts the support and strength they need to keep going in recovery. Without a doubt, a healthy eating plan is one of those important factors, and, when people take advantage of it, they can find the perfect help they need to balance themselves for further steps toward recovery.

You do not need to feel alone when you decide how to overcome addiction or to help someone you care about to recover. Call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline now so one of our admissions coordinators can answer your questions and help you create a plan that is tailored to your unique needs. Our services are free, and our staff can tell you where to find the program you are looking for, including medically supervised detox programs, family counseling, intervention services and much more. We will gladly help you obtain the best values for your chosen program. Right now is a good time to call to begin recovery as soon as possible.

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