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How Does the Internet Affect Process Addiction?

How Does the Internet Affect Process Addiction?The National Institute of Health lists process addiction as a compulsive behavior on which someone becomes dependent. People may develop process addictions to any of the following acts:

  • Eating
  • Gambling
  • Surfing the Internet
  • Watching videos or movies
  • Sex or viewing pornography
  • Video games or online gaming
  • Shopping
  • Working

One of the main forms of process addictions comes through the Internet, a repository for millions of websites with untold amounts of information. The Internet provides many sites that could add to or promote process addictions, especially to any of the aforementioned behaviors. If you have a process addiction and the Internet contributes to your problem, then seek professional help to find recovery.

How Process Addictions Develop

The Internet offers countless websites for diverse purposes. According to the website traffic company Alexa, social networking makes up the most visited websites in the world, while gambling and pornography websites are second. These three types also make it relatively easy to develop process addictions, because so many sources can feed addicts’ insatiable desires.

Because almost everything is accessible through the Internet, it can be a risk factor for developing and managing process addictions. The Internet hosts gambling websites that can cause or exacerbate gambling addiction, and it also features pornographic websites that can fuel sex addictions. Shopping addicts never have to leave their homes to find items online, and video addicts can stream movies all day if they have a fast enough connection speed. Unfortunately, the sites that contribute to these problems number in the millions, which makes it very easy to have a process addiction if the Internet is available. The Internet also makes it very difficult to break addiction, because of the sheer amount of websites that feature this material. In other words, users need professional help to break process addictions when the Internet is involved.

Process Addiction Treatment Options

Process addictions come in many forms, but so does treatment: users can seek countless treatment options to break their addictions, as counseling and therapy, either with groups or individually, may help. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, many treatment centers focus on behavioral and process addictive behaviors, so you can recover if you reach out to the correct resources.

Find Treatment for Process Addictions

It is difficult to deal with any kind of process addiction, be the addict yourself or a loved one. If you find that a process addiction or compulsive behavior exists, know that help is available. Call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline right now to speak with an admissions coordinator about treatment. Our staff can connect you with helpful resources and even check your health insurance for treatment benefits. Please call now to begin your recovery today.

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