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How Does Fame Influence Drug Use?

How Does Fame Influence Drug Use?

Phillip Seymour Hoffman

Fame and drug abuse often occur together for many celebrities, athletes, musicians, and other people in the spotlight. The pressures and demands of fame are often the most common reasons behind drug abuse and addiction. There is a wide variety of reasons and influences behind the decision to initially abuse drugs and the development of a more serious addiction to drugs and alcohol among famous people. Some of the different influences that can push famous people to abuse drugs include the following:

  • Careers that lead to fame typically coincide with a culture that is accustomed to abusing drugs and alcohol, which can create pressure for people new to fame.
  • Fame typically produces a larger amount of disposable income that can be used to feed an addiction without anyone noticing the financial deficit.
  • Pressures to constantly perform and keep fans interested can lead to using drugs in order to escape or relax.
  • Many of the character traits that are utilized by people to become famous are similar to the character traits of people with addictive personalities, suggesting that famous people may be predisposed to addictive behavior and drug abuse.
  • Being more successful than others can cause famous people to feel entitled to be able to do what they want, such as party and abuse drugs without consequences.
  • Famous people often feel that they can get away with risky behavior or illicit drug use due to having a sense that the rules don’t apply to them.
  • Some famous people have a predisposition to drug abuse and addiction regardless of whether or not they became famous.
  • Many famous people achieved fame at an early age of childhood and may have been unable to experience a normal period of emotional development, which can lead to drug abuse and addiction in order to cope later in life.
  • Some famous people have difficulty completing normal tasks, such as grocery shopping, without being crowded by fans, paparazzi, and reporters, which can cause them to abuse drugs and alcohol in order to cope with stress.
  • Some famous people with an addictive personality want to constantly be the center of attention and may act out in suggestive and rebellious ways, such as abusing hard drugs or drinking too much and engaging in risky sexual behavior.
  • Fame can often coincide with impulsivity, which can commonly lead to trying new drugs that are offered by friends.
  • Some famous people are attention seekers and thrill seekers and may abuse new types of drugs in order to achieve a new and better state of euphoria.

There are numerous other problems that famous people are often forced to struggle with due to their particular career path. On the opposite side of fame and drug abuse, some famous people may utilize their high position in order to be an advocate for anti-drug campaigns. In these cases, the fame can be a beneficial thing for the person because he or she can influence others not to use or abuse drugs and alcohol.

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