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Hepatitis and Prescription Drug Abuse

Hepatitis and Prescription Drug AbuseHepatitis, inflammation of the liver, is a complicated medical condition that yields a host of side effects to impair physical health. The combination of both hepatitis and prescription drug abuse can cause considerable distress, permanent damage or even death.

Dangers of Prescription Drug and Hepatitis

Some of the most common side effects of hepatitis devastate the liver. Therefore, most hepatitis patients experience jaundice, stomach pains, loss of appetite, muscle and joint pain and fatigue, problems that are severe enough on their own. However, when users have both this serious condition and they are addicted to prescription drugs, they may suffer even more damage to the liver.

Hepatitis inflames the liver, so it does not filter bodily fluids, food and beverages that pass through its system. Prescription drugs (especially painkillers) have a high risk of causing liver damage, because many of them contain acetaminophen, a drug that can damage the liver when taken in high doses. Therefore, prolonged painkiller addiction can increase liver damage that can ultimately lead to death.

Using prescription drugs when hepatitis already exists can also cause users to neglect their personal health, which keeps hepatitis under control. Additionally, other health problems may develop that further increase the development of hepatitis.

Risks of Prescription Drug Abuse and Hepatitis

Hepatitis may develop from prescription drug use, because users may eventually become dependent on a substance that corrodes the liver. When many people develop hepatitis as a result of prescription drug abuse, they seek treatment to save their lives. However, many prescription drugs are so addictive that even hepatitis will not stop people from using, as they have become hopelessly dependent on the drug. This can further scar the liver, as well as heighten liver disease. Additionally, if drug dependency eventually requires a liver transplant, prescription drug users are often denied this service.

In addition to prescription drug dependency and the potential for it to cause death, contracting hepatitis can compel other people to fear for their loved one’s well being. It can also perpetuate other problems, such as those at home or work and with health.

Treatment for Prescription Drug Abuse and Hepatitis

For users with both a prescription drug addiction and hepatitis, the best treatment option is one that addresses both problems simultaneously. While some cases of hepatitis are irreversible, users can nevertheless control their symptoms to a point where they can enjoy life once again. Do not waste one more day; call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline right now to get connected to the help you need to stop abusing prescription pills.

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