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Five Potential Prescription Drug Relapse Triggers

Five Potential Prescription Drug Relapse TriggersYou need to know what relapse and addiction are and what signs suggest you are at risk. A relapse occurs when an addict returns to using any substance. Be honest with yourself and reach out for help if you notice any of the following signs of potential relapse:

  • Isolation
  • Ignoring your thoughts and feelings
  • Doubting your ability to stay abstinent
  • Avoiding reaching out for help from counseling or support groups
  • Changes in your eating or sleeping patterns
  • Treating your recovery lightly
  • Mood fluctuations

While a person may experience any one of these signs and associate it with a valid cause, an addict cannot make excuses for these thoughts or behaviors, and must recognize them as a sign that he may be heading for a relapse.

Five Situations That Trigger Prescription Drug Relapse

A trigger is a situation that prompts addicts to think about and crave a substance. Regardless of the substance that you were addicted to, there are several things that can trigger a relapse, including the following:

  • Location. Avoid the people and places where you used drugs
  • Lack of recovery plan. For some addicts a daily schedule that includes support meetings, handling daily responsibilities and allocating time for exercise and relaxation is sufficient, while others need a more detailed schedule of how they will fill their time and support their recovery.
  • Lack of support. Every addict needs to build a support system. It can include friends, family, colleagues, a sponsor, support group meetings, a counselor, a spiritual advisor or any person who commits to helping an addict maintain sobriety.
  • Lack of healthy activities. Tour relapse plan needs to include healthy alternatives to using prescription drugs. Find ways to stay connected with people and fill your day.
  • Lack of preparation. Write down things that you can do if a craving takes hold and you are alone. This can include exercise, napping, chores, deep breathing, writing a list of reasons to remain sober or praying.

Don’t let your recovery efforts go to waste. Get help today to stay clean.

Get Help with Prescription Drug Relapse

You have endured the process of recovery, but may feel anxious about maintaining your sobriety. We can help you explore these feelings and identify resources you can rely on. Call us any time at our toll-free, 24 hour helpline for instant support avoiding relapse.

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