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Doctors Dealing with Addiction

Doctors dealing with addictionThere are a few reasons that doctors and other medical professionals are particularly at risk for the abuse and addiction of controlled substances. According to the Harvard Review of Psychiatry, recreational illicit drug use is lower in doctors than among non-doctors, but five times as many prescription drug addictions exist among doctors and other medical professionals when compared to the general public.

Environmental Factors Leading to Doctors Dealing with Addiction

A significant contributing factor for the high rate of prescription drug abuse among medical professionals is their proximity to prescription medications. Every day, doctors and other medical professionals are in constant contact with powerful and sometimes unregulated prescription substances.  A mixture of technology, legislation and hospital reform make it increasingly harder for physicians and other medical professionals to use medications in an unregulated fashion, but a close proximity to large quantities of powerful medications is still the starting point for many addictions.

Rehabilitation Options for Doctors Dealing with Addiction

Many doctors who make the decision to seek treatment are fully supported by an outside source. Approximately 55 percent of doctors who enroll into a rehab program are enrolled by a medical board, insurance agency or hospital. Ensuring that doctors are given the best rehab treatment is beneficial for the doctors themselves, the patients they serve and the hospitals they work for.

A combination of quality treatment, consistent monitoring and significant consequences for non-compliant doctors has proven to be an effective approach to rehab. Depending on the facility and the severity of the addiction, the physician is usually allowed to continue their practice while undergoing rehab. Treatment primarily consists of a mixture of therapy and detox. Usually, if doctors are found to be non-compliant, they are quickly referred to a medical board to discuss the potential for termination. A recent study conducted by The University of Florida found that as many as 78% of doctors that completed a long-term rehab program under the supervision of their employer had negative drug screenings for at least five years.

Resources for Doctor Rehabilitation

It is beneficial for patients and hospitals for doctors to receive the best treatment possible when dealing with a substance addiction. If you are a medical professional, or just have questions regarding substance abuse, we can help. We are available 24 hours a day to help you find the resources you need. Please call our toll-free number today.

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