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Dangers of Relapsing on Prescription Drugs

Dangers of Relapsing on Prescription DrugsRelapse is a major set back in the treatment and recovery process for many recovering addicts. While most users know they can relapse, when it happens it can be earth shattering and can completely change the course of recovery. For those who have abused prescription drugs in the past, the repercussions of relapse can cause a number of health and psychological risks. Therefore, seek help to ensure your continued recovery and avoid a devastating relapse.

Dangers of Prescription Drug Relapse

Regardless of the current state of someone’s addiction recovery, she can fall back into addiction if she relapses. This downward spiral can lead to a variety of serious issues, including following examples:

  • Redeveloping addiction – One of the most pressing issues of prescription drug relapse is the potential for a full-blown addiction to develop anew. As prescription drugs are highly addictive, someone who uses again after a period of time without using is likely to become addicted all over again.
  • Overdose potential – Prescription medications are often unsafe when not taken as directed, and abusing them can lead to overdose. However, for former prescription drug users, relapse can be fatal, as their tolerance is lowered and they might think they can take the same dosage as they did prior to treatment.
  • Health risks – In addition to the threat of overdose, many former prescription drug users have suffered physical side effects that have damaged their health. Therefore, relapse can aggravate physical health conditions that would have otherwise stayed the same or lessened if users remained sober. Relapse can generate side effects that did not exist before relapse, especially if an individual’s relapse causes a new addiction.

Relapse is a common part of recovery, and redeveloping addiction, overdose and additional health risks are all associated with prescription drug relapse.

How Friends and Family Can Prevent Prescription Drug Relape

Friends and family of a prescription drug addict can help prevent relapse by adopting a handful of different practices. For example, they can rid their homes of all addictive prescription medications, and/or keep them in a secret, protected place where their loved one cannot reach them. Additionally, they can also encourage their recovering loved one to participate in positive activities to help prevent boredom from developing and causing a relapse. Lastly, close friends and family members can attend therapy sessions with their loved one to learn about addiction prevention and how to support addicts who need to avoid relapse.

How to Address Prescription Drug Relapse

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