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Chronic Back Pain and Painkiller Addiction

Chronic Back Pain and Painkiller AddictionEveryone is at risk for developing an addiction to painkillers, but if you suffer from chronic back pain you are at a heightened risk of becoming addicted to painkillers. If you suffer from chronic back pain however your doctor may prescribe you addictive painkillers. As long as you use painkillers as directed by your doctor you will be okay, but if you abuse painkillers you can become addicted very easily. Once you are addicted to painkillers, you will not be able to return to a normal standard of living without seeking professional addiction treatment.

How Does Painkiller Addiction Begin?

Painkiller addiction can begin in many different ways, but for users that suffer from chronic back pain it is commonly connected to their back pain. Patients may be prescribed prescription painkillers to manage their back pain. If you begin taking your painkillers more often or in higher doses than you are prescribed by a doctor, you are abusing the drugs. People abuse painkillers for a variety of reasons, from escaping their everyday problems to coping with major issues in their lives, such as their chronic back pain. Whatever the reason, painkiller addiction always begins with taking more than you should. Once you begin abusing painkillers, if you continue your abuse you will build a tolerance and become dependent on the drug.

The Connection Between Painkiller Addiction and Chronic Back Pain

There is a close connection between chronic back pain and painkiller addiction for many users. If you begin abusing painkillers because of your back pain, soon you may develop an abuse pattern related to your back pain. When you feel back pain, you may turn to painkiller abuse as a way to relieve the pain or forget about it for a while. Soon, any back pain may turn into a trigger for painkiller abuse. Painkillers can be effective in minimizing pain, but they are not a treatment for chronic back pain. If you are abusing painkillers, you should seek help and find alternative ways to treat your chronic back pain.

Beat Your Painkiller Addiction

If you are addicted to painkillers, call our toll-free helpline today and find out how effective addiction treatment can help you overcome your addiction. Our trained addiction experts are standing by 24 hours a day to field your questions about chronic back pain and painkiller addiction and to help you sign up for painkiller addiction treatment. Pick up the phone now, and when you call, be sure to ask if your health insurance will pay for part of your painkiller rehab treatment.

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