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Can I Take My Leftover Prescription Drugs Later On?

Can I Take My Leftover Prescription Drugs Later On?One of the most dangerous practices that people engage in is either prescription drug swapping or taking leftover prescription drugs when they are no longer needed. Some of the reasons that people engage in these drugs are attempts to justify drug abuse. If you are considering taking an old prescription, there are a few things you should consider first.

Is Using Leftover Prescription Drugs Safe?

Since the drug was prescribed by a qualified doctor, people believe that this makes them safe to use. Your doctor will often give you very specific instructions on how to use the medication: how often, what the dosage should be, whether you should have food or an empty stomach, and even what you should do if you skip a dose. The reason that doctors give you such detailed instructions is because the doctor realizes that foreign chemicals alter the chemical makeup of the body and the brain.

A prescription is most often given to treat a specific condition for a limited period of time until your body can heal itself and resume normal functioning. A prescription is also given to help your body remove something harmful, such as an infection; however, after the drug has done its job, your body needs to find its equilibrium without drugs.

When a doctor determines a prescription is necessary, she has factored in the age, gender, body weight, and medical history of a patient, and creates a prescription that is appropriate for that specific person, not for someone else, and not for later.

Will Leftover Prescription Drugs Still Work?

Another reason that people consider taking leftover prescription drugs is because they worked for them before. If the person is experiencing symptoms similar to what he had before, he may feel it is acceptable to take the prescription again. The problem with this is that most people are not trained to diagnose illnesses. Even with as well as you know your body, you do not have the diagnostic tools that a physician has to understand the full scope of your ailment. While the prescription that the doctor gave you for the previous ailment may have been effective, it may not be what you need to take this time.

Why Do People Take Prescription Drugs without Doctor Approval?

Because prescription drugs that interact with the body, there are side effects associated with their use. Some side effects may include emotional changes or weight loss. Some medications cause relaxation while others focus users. These are often side effects of the drug that people become used to, and they may find that when they stop taking the drug, these feelings go away. In an effort to regain these feelings a person may continue to take the prescribed drug. Additionally most people are susceptible to the desire to control or lose weight. Some prescriptions bring about these results easily, so people are at risk for continuing to use the drug for these purposes only.

Help with Prescription Drug Abuse

Finding the right treatment program to meet your needs or the needs of someone you love can be an overwhelming experience. You may want help determining the most appropriate treatment for you. While recovery is difficult, it is possible and we can help, so please call our toll-free helpline today. We are available 24 hours a day to answer any questions you might have about drugs abuse. We are here to help.

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