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Can Any Good Come from a Drug Charge?

Can Any Good Come from a Drug Charge?

Facing a drug charge is terrifying, but serves as a wake-up call that you have a problem

Being charged with a drug crime can be devastating. Many people get caught up in addiction every year without ever even setting out to get high: they needed a prescription following surgery or an injury, and when the time came to quit they just couldn’t. Even young people get trapped in a disease they simply cannot shake after they experiment with drugs due to peer pressure from their friends. If you have been wrestling with drugs for a while, then you might think that the last thing you need is a drug charge, but the truth is that, if you handle an arrest correctly, it could be the wake-up call that saves your life.

Rock Bottom and Second Chances

“Rock Bottom” is a term often heard in addiction recovery communities. The idea is that, because addiction tends to blind users to their conditions, it takes a particularly hard circumstance to cut through the psychological noise and get the addict’s attention. The following are “rock bottom” moments commonly heard in recovery meetings:

  • Loss of employment
  • Broken relationships
  • Financial ruin
  • A disease diagnosis
  • Getting kicked out of a home
  • Public scandal
  • Embarrassing behavior at a family event
  • Overdose
  • Legal consequences

No one seeks these trials, but most recovering addicts can identify a moment that was so painful that it forced them to realize their problem. Addiction clouds reason and self-awareness, but hitting rock bottom can force the kind of realization that saves lives. Whether it is a DUI, possession charge or even something more serious, hitting rock bottom can be a turning point.

What Drug Treatment Is Really Like

Many people avoid rehab because they have great misconceptions of what happens there. Some dramatic or comedic depictions have portrayed recovery programs as grim prisons full of mentally ill zombies, but the truth is that the most effective modern treatment programs are colorful, comfortable environments that allow offer healing through the following activities:

  • Personal and group counseling
  • Empowering education
  • about coping skills and practice
  • Family counseling
  • Engaging creative activities
  • Physical activities (camping, hiking, exercise, etc.)
  • Nutritional support

Addiction is a powerful physical and psychological disease, but treatment equips each patient to confront the issue head on. Professional treatment arms recovering users with a deeper understanding of drug use along with a supportive community for resisting relapse. Many recovering addicts remember their rehab experience as a positive turning point.

Help Finding Rehab

If you are facing a drug charge and it has you considering treatment, then please call our toll-free helpline right now. Our admissions coordinators are available 24 hours a day to answer your questions and to connect you with the best treatment programs for your needs. Let us help you turn this rock bottom experience into a turning point; call now.

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