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Are My Prescription Medications Safe to Take?

Are My Prescription Medications Safe to Take?There is no end to the list of benefits gained from educating oneself about prescription medications. Yes, there are risks for prescription drug dependence and addiction, but most individuals believe these conditions are rare and only happen to the corrupt or the young population. Just because prescription drugs are given by a doctor does not mean they are “safe.” Prescription medications have serious risks, even if individuals are not popping multiple pills or combining medications with alcohol and other recreational substances.

What Are the Risks and Dangers of Prescription Drugs

Prescription medications can quickly lead to overdose or bad drug interactions. Adverse side effects can occur because of an unknown medical issue or illness or from eating or drinking a particular substance. The instructions that come with a prescription medication are vital. What may seem insignificant to an individual, like failing to fall asleep after taking a medication, can be fatal. This is especially true when individuals are prescribed to multiple medications. Not all doctors are aware of every substance an individual may be taking, so it is up to the individual to keep track of this information and stay educated.

How to Safely Use Prescription Medications

Knowing the potential side effects, possible drug interactions, warning signs of tolerance, risk of dependence and overdose, and other issues associated with a medication can literally save a life. Parents should educate themselves and their children on all of the implications and risks associated with using a prescription medication. Again, prescription drugs are viewed as safe by most individuals, and children pick up on the habits and opinions of their parents. While illicit drugs like heroin and cocaine are taken with more caution, kids are stealing their parents’ and friends’ parents’ drugs or buying them off the black market without hesitation. While there is no stopping a teen or young adult from abusing drugs, a parent can create a sense of danger in the back of a child’s head by informing the child of the actual risks associated with a certain drug or all prescription medications in general.

While a doctor should be able to “safely” prescribe patients to a medication, patients must look out for themselves, being able to share their list of current medications already being used and present health conditions and symptoms. The more individuals educate themselves on drug use, the less vulnerable they are to the risks and dangers of prescription drug use. Having a general idea of the signs and symptoms of drug dependence or overdose can prepare individuals for dealing with these issues if they ever arise.

Concerns about Your Prescription Medication Use

If you are concerned about the prescription medications you are using, you can call our toll-free helpline to speak with a recovery professional for assistance. Whether you need information, have specific questions and concerns, or are looking for help with an overdose or addiction situation, we are happy to help. Our recovery professionals are available 24 hours a day in order to help get you to where you feel safe about the medications you are using. To speak with a recovery professional, call our helpline today.

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