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Advice for Reducing Drug Dosage

Advice for reducing drug dosageIf you are stuck in a cycle of drug use, you may have reached a point where you realize that it is time to stop or at least cut back on your drug dose. You should never attempt to quit drugs on your own. Rather, seek the advice and help from your family doctor first.

Drug Dependence and Withdrawal

Before you reduce any drug dosage, take a moment to understand what your body is going through. When you begin taking a substance, your body adapts to that drug. Your body wants to maintain stability, and it tries to become used to whatever drug or alcohol you are using as soon as possible.

Over time you may build up a tolerance, requiring more and more of a drug to achieve the same effects, whether those effects are comfort from pain, a euphoric feeling or a feeling of being awake, relaxed or high. Once you have built up a tolerance to a drug, your body has become somewhat accustomed to the substance, even if that substance is highly dangerous. Suddenly stopping the drug can cause withdrawal symptoms.

Withdrawal can be very uncomfortable. Many people experience withdrawal symptoms that make them feel violently ill. Sometimes drug withdrawals can be dangerous. It is much safer to consult with a trusted doctor or counselor before you begin to reduce your drug dosage or quit drugs completely.

You may want to consider a medically-supervised detox to stop using drugs. A medically-supervised detox can provide a safe environment that can help you detox fully much faster than you can reduce drug use at home. Plus, with a quality detox program, you will have a medical staff on hand to help reduce discomfort and help keep you safe and healthy. People who attend detox and rehab are much more likely to stay sober for good.

Help with Drug Addiction

You can defeat drug cravings, temptation and withdrawal with the right support. That is why we offer a 24 hour, toll-free helpline that is staffed by experienced recovery professionals who understand what you are going through. We can help you learn more about your options for treatment, help you make a plan for sobriety on your own, or help you learn how insurance can help you cover treatment bills. Call us for immediate and confidential support. No matter what your situation is, we can help. Make the confidential call now.

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