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Adderall Abuse Help

Adderall abuse helpPrescription drug addiction is becoming an increasing problem. Many are turning to these types of drugs to cope with the overwhelming feelings of stress, anger, pain and sadness. Not only that, but multiple medications can be prescribed for multiple issues, allowing for a potentially dangerous combination.

Recognizing the problem and calling it for what it is, an addiction, can be a choice that saves a life. Treatment for addiction is not something to be embarrassed about. Treatment is essentially a process that helps people regain the life they were intended to have. Through helpful resources and tools, intended for radical, healthy change, treatment helps many patients.

Treating Prescription Drug Addiction

After many years of investigating the ramifications of drug addiction and the reasons behind it, studies have shown that addiction to any drug, illicit or prescribed, is a brain disease. Because of the seriousness and intricacy of the brain and a drug’s affect on the brain, treatment is necessary for addiction.

There is no cookie-cutter treatment plan for everyone that is appropriate for everyone. Because each individual is unique and has different needs, a customized treatment program must be developed. The needs of each person vary from the type of drug abused, to the length of abuse, to even the family history of drug abuse. Each element is critical in helping a person beat the illness of addiction. Treatment has many different factors to assist in the process of recovery.

Behavioral Therapy for Adderall Abuse

In order for drug addiction treatment to be successful, the process must address not only the addiction but the behaviors motivating the addiction. Addiction usually has a root and becomes a coping mechanism in which to deal with whatever that root is. Therefore, one main category of drug addiction treatment is the behavioral aspect. By teaching people how to function without drugs, how to handle cravings, how to avoid drugs and situations that could lead to drug use, how to prevent relapse, and how to handle relapse should it occur, the greater chances there are of a person maintaining sobriety.

Behavioral treatments can come in different forms and may involve multiple treatments if an individual is in need of them. Individual counseling, group or family counseling, contingency management, and cognitive-behavioral therapies are all therapies aimed to help patients improve their personal relationships and ability to function at work and in the community.

Adderall Abuse Help

If you or someone you know is struggling with an addiction to Adderall, please call our toll-free number. Someone is available 24 hours a day to discuss treatment options with you.

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