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5 Ways that Community Support Can Help You Stay Sober

5 Ways that Community Support Can Help You Stay Sober

Community support can provide the structure, environment, accountability, and activities you need

When you leave addiction treatment, you are much like a toddler learning to walk. Without the support and encouragement of those near you, you are likely to fall down (relapse). Community support can come in many different forms and can help you stay sober.

Types of community support can include:

  • A close friend
  • A sobriety sponsor
  • Other sober addicts
  • Religious spaces, like a church or temple
  • Community-owned fitness facilities
  • Community clubs (Shriner’s, Rotary Club, etc.)
  • Support groups like Narcotic Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Sober living home

Community drug addiction support is about having people and places to go to in times of stress or concern. It is about finding people who will not judge or derail your recovery efforts. Community support is about helping your stay sober.

What Community Support Provides

Living in isolation is unhealthy for anyone, but it can be outright dangerous for a recovering addict. Community support provides resources and tools that you cannot get on your own, and can help you with the following:

Maintain accountability – Groups like NA and AA will provide you with people and a structure for accountability. Knowing that others will be checking on you and who will call you out for troublesome behavior can provide an added measure of protection against relapse. Sober sponsors, close friends, and clergy can also help you with accountability.

Develop healthy relationships – Community support outlets like religious spaces or community clubs provide the opportunity for you to meet and interact with new people. Very often, you will need to let go of some unhealthy friendships and develop healthy ones. Being a part of these groups can help you initiate that process.

Find ways to give back – Churches, community groups, and other community entities spend time helping others in need. Since giving back to others is an important part of addiction recovery, this community support can aid you in your quest.

Alleviate boredom – One of the most dangerous things for a recovering addict is boredom, especially true in the early days of sobriety. In the past, your time was spent using drugs. Now that you are sober, you have ample free time that needs to be filled. By getting involved in your community you can participate in everything from a community-wide yard sale to a reenactment of a historical event.

Try out new hobbies – When you used drugs, you lost interest in things that you once cared about. With community support, you can recapture that interest. Many communities offer classes on different interests, from pottery to model trains. Others will teach you yoga or self-defense. These pursuits are an alternative to drug-using and drug-seeking activities.

The key to community support is taking advantage of what is available to you. Resources in your community can provide many key elements of a sober life, but only if you use them. Discover the groups and activities that meet your needs and provide the most benefits and stay committed to them.

Getting Help for Your Addiction

If you or a loved one is struggling with an addiction to drugs, we can help. You can call our toll-free helpline any time, 24 hours a day. You can talk with one of our admissions coordinators who can help you determine the best type of treatment and resources for your unique needs. We can even help you find support in your local community. Help is available, so call us today.

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